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Fast Amazon Search: Quickly Search Amazon Through Pop-up Menu [Chrome]

A while back we covered a Firefox add-on called Select and Search for Amazon that allows you to select any text on a web page and then search for it on Amazon via the right-click context menu. If you liked the add-on and wanted something similar for Chrome then Amazon Search is a Chrome extension that is somewhat similar. It lets you quickly search Amazon through a pop-up menu that opens within the browser and allows you to choose a product category and sort results by relevance and price. It also comes with an autocomplete feature, which saves time and effort while searching for products. Once you’ve installed the extension, a shopping cart button is added in the toolbar, allowing you to enter a search term. Click Advanced Search to access categories and price options. Next, select a category and a price option from the drop down menu. Once done, hit Enter, and you will be redirected to Amazon with your search results.

To search anything on Amazon, click the button next to the URL bar and type in a product name in the search bar. Click Advanced Options to select a category and sorting criteria. The first dropdown allows you to select which category you want to search in and the second dropdown  menu consists of options, such as Low to High, High to Low, Relevance and Avg. Customer Review. Once done, hit Enter, and Amazon will be opened in the same tab with your search results.


You can also save your search settings from the extension’s options so that it will auto-populate search fields and dropdown menus.

fast Amazon Options

The only downside of this extension is that it does not have an option for opening results in a different tab which really should be a default thing rather than something users have to opt-in for. It is, however, altogether, missing from the extension. While it does not give the same quick access as the aforementioned Firefox add-on, it makes up for it by letting you narrow results down. Admittedly it isn’t as fast and simple as using the context menu to search a website but the added feature balances it out reasonably well and the feature to remember your previous selections makes experience better for users.

Fast Amazon Search is a slick extension that conveniently allows users to access Amazon and we highly recommended it to all the Amazon shoppers out there. Visit the link below to install this extension.

Install Fast Amazon Search For Google Chrome

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