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Favorite Google+ Stream – Set A Circle’s Feed As Default News Stream

Facebook lets you create groups but switching between feeds from a particular group is something that Google+ just nailed. While Facebook users have to block news feeds from people individually, Google+ negates the whole concept by allowing you to switch between news streams from different circles from the left panel. Favorite Google+ Stream is a Chrome extension that takes this feature a step further and lets you set up a default stream that will load whenever you visit your Google Plus page.

Favorite Google  Stream

The extension adds an icon identical to the Google+ home button icon next to the URL bar. Open the stream that you want to set as your default stream and copy the URL. Click the extension icon and paste the URL in the bar and hit Save. Each time you visit your Google+ home page, the stream you selected will be selected and load automatically. This can be useful if you’re following people who regularly post news updates that you want to get to first without any distractions.

Install Favorite G+ Stream For Chrome

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