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FDock: Group Similar Tabs & Quickly Launch Bookmarks [Firefox]

FDock is a Firefox add-on that adds a tab dock to your browser window. The dock houses bookmarks and the tabs you have open. Instead of going through the Tab bar which gets cluttered when you have too many tabs open, you can use the dock to preview your tabs and switch to them. It groups tabs from the same website into a single icon and if there are multiple items in a group, clicking the button in the toolbar opens a menu, listing the open tabs. The dock can be positioned to any side of the browser window and also has an autohide feature. Groups of tabs come with three basic colors, yellow for a tab that is currently selected, green for a tab that has been opened in the background but has not been visited and blue for a tab that has changed title.

Once installed, a dock will appear at the bottom of the Firefox window with favicons from the different websites you have open. Sadly, it does not detect bookmarks very well but it is a very efficient tab switcher. Visit the add-on’s options to change which side of the window the dock is positioned and to change it to a regular toolbar if you don’t like the dock. You can change the transparency of the bar and choose to hide it automatically. You can also enable the Show Default Tab Browser option from the Settings. Once done, click OK and you’re good to go.

Click, briefly hold and then release one of the icons in the dock and a list of open pages from that particular website will be displayed just under the button.

Click a website’s favicon in the dock and a translucent panel opens previewing the open pages for you. The preview has a small snapshot of the page but does not let you switch to one of the pages which is kind of annoying. While you will be able to view a webpage, you have to remember the page title and switch to it from the list that opens as described in the previous paragraph.

Since the bookmarks feature is broken, what you’re left with is a few blank icon in the dock. It’s likely going to chase users away from the add-on. Whether or not the concept is good for accessing bookmarks remains a question since the feature doesn’t work but as far as a good way to switch between tabs is concerned, this add-on is good.

Install FDock Add-On For Firefox

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