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Find And Subscribe To Various RSS Feeds With FeedMil Search Engine

If you want to subscribe to technology news, what will you do? You definitely try your luck searching for technology blogs and news sites at Google and other search engines. But Google, Yahoo, and other search engines are not build for searching RSS feeds, they are build for searching the content inside the websites.

feedmil main

Feedmil is a search engine build specifically for searching feeds of various topic-based websites and blogs. It has a large database of blogs and websites that focus on a specific niche. Just type the keyword that interests you, such as Technology, Software, Google, Windows, Food, etc and it will list all blogs and websites that come under that keyword.

search results feedmil

While searching for a topic, you can choose whether to display blogs/websites that are non-popular(surprising) or that are popular. In the results page you will find every blog/website’s popularity,  authority, activity, and frequency of posts/week. The results can be tuned by changing the topic significance which you will find on the right sidebar.

topic significance - feedmil

Clicking a blog or website will take you to it’s page where you can find the thumbnail of that site along with variety of details such as, feed URL, site URL, feed type, format, language, description, etc.

blog descriptions - feedmil

You will also find the tag cloud and sample post from the site so that you can make up your mind for subscribing. Enjoy!

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  • Tima

    Never heard of this searching engine, gonna give it a run. Thanks for the tip man.