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A Better Queue: Find The Best Netflix Streaming Content With Rotten Tomatoes’ Ratings

Finding good Netflix streaming content is not an easy job, mainly because everyone has a different take on a movie, and you may not always want to rely on users’ ratings to determine whether a flick is worth your time or not. Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer can be a pretty reliable indicator of movie quality, but switching between Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes isn’t really convenient. This is where A Better Queue comes in. This intelligent web application lets you filter and browse Netflix movies with the Tomatometer rating displayed alongside. With it, you will be able to view what’s available to watch instantly from Netflix in a list, sorted on the basis of Tomatometer ratings. The service works perfectly and lets you find good movies faster, thanks to its advance filters like rating, year of release and movie genre.

A Better Queue has a slick interface, with large movie posters and a panel with various filter options. To start off, move the sliders on the left to set the rating and year parameters. Next, click the checkboxes to select multiple genres and hit the Filter button. Movie results are then displayed accordingly, along with ratings, title, year and genre details. You can scroll through the results, and when you find a movie that interests you, simply click it to open it on Netflix.

A Better Queue - Google Chrome_2012-05-09_11-57-54

According to the developer, each movie will soon have an Add to Instant Queue button, which will allow you to add movies to your personal instant queue without leaving the website. More features will also be added to the service, including more intelligent use of ratings, an improved UI and an iOS app for your pocket. However, even in its current form, A Better Queue is a pretty useful service for all the Netflix users out there stuck in trying to decide what movie is worth their time.

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