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Find Best Parts Of YouTube Videos With EmbedPlus Sweet Spot Marking

Remember previously featured EmbedPlus – a web application which offers extended YouTube video embed code which adds a slew of video controls in YouTube videos, including, movable zoom, slow motion, scene skipping, control bar to view video comments, and third-party annotation support? Recently the developer updated us with a new feature called Sweet Spot Marking, which is specifically incorporated in YouTube videos to quickly watch the most significant part(s) of the video.

Let me explain it further, consider yourself playing a long YouTube video which has few interesting parts worth watching. How would you quickly get to those spots? Apparently there is no direct way until the video referrer points out the exact time of video’s best part, but with Sweet Spot Marking, you can easily find out the most interesting spots in the video. Similarly, if you’re planning to market your product or service by promoting demonstrations on YouTube, gaining quick attention of your target audience would be much easier with Sweet Spot Marking feature. How? Well, it can mark out the spot(s) / time range(s) which shows the best feature of your marketed commodity or quality of yours brand service.

According to the developer of EmbedPlus, Sweet Spot Marking workability is based on an intuitive algorithm which is smart enough to find the interesting part of YouTube videos. Finding out the best part which YouTube video publisher wants you to watch is easy. You will see a small visual clue alongside chapter navigation buttons right before an interesting part of video is about to come. The visual clue can be one, two or three exclamation marks, signifying, as developer likes to put, the “buzz worthiness” of video part.

For instance, in the screenshot show below, you can see 3 exclamation marks adjacent to chapter navigation buttons, indicating an interesting part.

spot fi

Below you can watch the video which has 5 Sweet Spots in total. To quickly check out a sweet spot, use the chapter navigation buttons, i.e. |<< and |>> buttons.

As of now, EmbedPlus are expanding the data sources to cater a large volume of YouTube videos along with specializing the sweet spot marking technique. You can head over to EmbedPlus website to get extended embed code and try the recently introduced search feature to find and watch YouTube videos with Sweet Spot Marking feature.

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