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FindBar Tweak – Get More Functionality Out Of The Find Bar [Firefox]

Find bars have been around helping us search text but the functionality hasn’t been the same across all browsers and perhaps no one is really 100% happy with what the find bar does. We recently covered efTwo (F2), a Chrome extension that added features to the Find bar; FindBar Tweak is a Firefox extension that tweaks what you can do with the Find bar in Firefox. It lets you move the bar to the top of the window, change the color of highlighted text, toggle the Find bar on/ off with Ctrl+F, search text as you type it and remember the last searched for word when it is reopened.

FindBar Tweak options

Once installed, set up your preferences from the extension’s options. The general options set the functionality of how the find bar works. Make sure you select the Use Quick Findbar if it isn’t already opened to enable the extension’s functionality over the Find bar. You can move the find bar to the top of the window and enable toggling it on & off using Ctrl+F from the general options.


The extension also adds highlight grids to show the approximate position of where the next matching word is to make it easier to scroll to it. While it doesn’t let you search multiple phrases at the same time like the Chrome extension, it nevertheless lets you get more out of it.

Install FindBar Tweak Extension For Firefox


  1. Thanks for the tool, it help me great as I usually like find bar in top like chrome with enough highlight option and this add on has the same features.

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