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FindThatBand – Search Artists On Popular Sites From Right Click Menu

FindThatBand is yet another extension that will enhance the options in the right click context menu in Chrome. Similar to the FastTrack extension for Firefox in function, this extension offers more choice and customization. Once installed, you can select an artist name or song on any site and search for it on Grooveshark, iTunes, Pandora, YouTube and more. The extension was built not for finding songs but for information on artists or bands which is why the list of sites also includes Wikipedia.

findthatband menu

Although the extension was built to search for information on bands, it can’t tell if what you’ve selected is a band or a song and will simply search whatever you’ve selected meaning you can search a song on YouTube directly from the right-click context menu. To remove a service from the context menu or to add one, click on the extension’s icon on the navigation bar.


Clicking the little green button next to a service name will remove it from the right-click menu’s options and click save. Clicking the music note + pencil button will allow you to add another service.

findthatband add service

Install FindThatBand Extension For Chrome

[via Lifehacker]


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