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Firefox 5 Debuts With Better Security, HTML 5 Support & Faster Startup

Mozilla promised a new version of Firefox three months post Firefox 4’s release and rolled out a whole rapid release development cycle to ensure they met the deadline and true to their word Firefox 5 is now available for download. As per Mozilla, the new version has some 1000 changes though the more notable ones are better support for HTML 5, faster start-up and the Do Not Track feature that lets you stop sites from tracking your web history.

Firefox 5 interface

To enable the Do Not Track feature, access the Options window from the Tools menu. A new option has been added in the Privacy tab under Tracking. Check Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked to enable the feature.


Apart from that, the browser now offers better support for HTML 5 and for CSS animation standards. It also looks like the era of no restart add-ons is dawning for Firefox; according to the official blog posting, it should now be  easier for developers to build no restart add-ons for all platforms.

Download Firefox 5

Mozilla has also simultaneously released Firefox 5 for Android, read more about it here.

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