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Firefox Browser Dock Bar RSS Feed Reader – Buckts

Buckts is an add-on for Firefox that adds a dock bar in the browser from where you can manage all your RSS feeds, Social Networks, and Search. At the moment it is in beta and allows users to add rss feed only, the social and search features are coming soon according to it’s website.

You can select any feed from the dock bar to find out what’s new or hit the RSS bucket to view the summary of all feeds. To add a new feed, hit the ‘b’ icon given on the left side of the dock.

Buckts dock firefox

If you want a simple quick RSS feed reader in Firefox, you can give Buckts a shot. The registration and login is quite buggy at the moment, probably because the add-on/service is still under development. You need to register an account with the service before using it.


We were not able to test out Social and Search features since they are not out yet. You can have a quick glimpse at them from their website.

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