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Firefox: Organize Tabs And Free Up Memory Usage

Do you work using multiple Firefox tabs and want to organize them categorically rather than chronologically? A new tab is opened right next to the last tab, by the time you open too many tabs it gets difficult to sift through to find the right tab, this is where an Add-On called TooManyTabs can come useful. If you have too many browser tabs in Firefox that you might want to categorize to differentiate, this utility will help you organize tabs in special rows and it also help to reduce memory usage by putting some of the tabs in idle state.


It comes up with a novel function to put the tabs which are not in used in an idle state without stalling the processor cycles.

color tabs

You will also be able to restore up to 20 most recently tabs which might be useful for those who sift through same pages and don’t want to look up to to Firefox history. There is also a  feature that allow them to mark different colors to tabs or even pin them for faster access.

toomanytabs restore tabs

This is a handy little extension that can come useful if you are a hardcore internet user. Got any opinion? Leave a comment.

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