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Firefox: Zoom, Drag, And Display Images In An Acceptable Way With ImageTweak

Do you want to view images in an acceptable way in Firefox? Here, acceptable way means that you are able to view them in an exciting new way with any background color of your choice, zoom inside those pictures, and drag them across the screen. ImageTweak is a small add-on for Firefox that does exactly this but with a little twist.

It is a small handy plugin, which you can use to view images in a great way.

firefox background

According to Carlo Alberto Ferraris, the developer behind this plugin,

ImageTweak started as a small enhancement to allow viewing images in an acceptable way, but has now become an image viewer with dragging and zooming.
Right-click (or arrow keys) to scroll, ctrl+scroll the mouse wheel (or +/-) to zoom, double-right-click (or space-bar) to cycle through full-view, 1:1-view and free-view.

You can select the Background Color, Zoom Factor, and other features from the option as shown in the screenshot below.

imagetweak options

Give it a shot, and let us know how you like it. Enjoy!

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