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FireGestures – Use Mouse Gestures To Navigate & Switch Tabs In Firefox

About a month back, we reviewed an extension that allowed you to navigate Chrome using Mouse Gestures. FireGestures is an extension for Firefox that does all that and more. The extension lets you customize mouse gesture for any predefined function. It allows you to change how a mouse gesture appears (the line color, thickness, idle time etc.) and define specific functions using a combination of the Ctrl, Shift and Alt keys with mouse movements.

FireGestures Options

To set a trigger button for the gestures and see which gesture does what, go to the extension’s options. From the Main tab, you can select whether the right-click, left-click or middle buttons/scroll wheel will activate mouse gestures. You can backup gestures and restore them at any point should you feel like having fun with them. You can change the color of the mouse trail as you make a gesture as well as the its thickness.


You can add or edit a gesture by clicking it. Compared to the previously reviewed Chrome extension, these mouse gestures are much smoother and you do not have to take as much care to replicate the movement precisely. Mouse gestures are defined by four letter, L, R, U and D.

FireGestures home

When you hold the mouse button down and drag it left to right, it is saved as an R movement, when you drag it right to left, it is saved as an L movement. When dragged from top to bottom, it records a U movement and a D movement is recorded when the mouse is dragged from bottom to top. All gestures you add are summarized by a combination of these letters.

FireGestures advanced Options

You can set additional functions for the mouse in combination with the Ctrl and Shift keys from the Advanced tab in the extension’s options. What is probably the best gesture though is the ability to switch tabs by scrolling the mouse wheel when it is on the tab bar. The slight flaw with it is that if it reaches the last tab in a window, it starts again from the first and you can scroll till doomsday without realizing you’ve already reached the last tab but it is nonetheless a great way to switch tabs.

Install FireGestures Extension For Firefox

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