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Firesay Voice Recognition Controls Firefox With Voice In Windows 7

Where voice recognition has grown fairly common in the mobile industry, especially with apps such as Google Voice and Blackberry Voice Recognition, the same still requires sophisticated software and hardware solutions to be just as effective in computers. But Fairsay, an innovative add-on for Firefox changes all this, introducing voice application control to web browsers for the first time ever.

It offers voice support for opening and closing websites, carrying out web searches and broadcasting online TV programs. Though the voice support is very limited for now, it carries potential to completely redefine web browsing in future. Just imagine how fascinating it would be to sit back and surf the internet all with the control of your voice?

As with any other voice recognition software, the developers of this extension too, emphasize on the importance of quality microphones for a great voice control experience. The developer has also revealed that the future versions will focus on extracting the voice commands from background clutter, an issue that Google has addressed to a certain degree for its handheld product, Android.

Again, the functionality of this beta version is quite limited. For now, you can navigate to 45 different websites and watch 15 TV programs (on Hulu) that reside in the default pre-programmed list. It is also capable of carrying out a Web search through commands, such as Search Google Bermuda Triangle which launches a Google search for keywords Bermuda Triangle.

Despite all odds, we find it to be an amazing development that will totally revolutionize how we surf the Internet. When it comes to voice recognition, accuracy is of utmost importance. In the developer’s own words, “Improving recognition accuracy is key area for investment for us moving forward.”

It supports Firefox versions 3 – 3.6, and Windows 7 only.

Download Firesay


  1. Its just beta and there is no additional features in it. I think that there is more time to install it and have to wait for version V1.

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