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Flavour Map: Discover Worldwide Tastes & Eating Places; Contribute With Your Own Findings

Flavour Map is an interesting web application that provides you with a crowdsourced map of tastes and places to dine out from all over the world. Not only does it allow you find new cuisines and flavors, but also lets you pin a flavor, restaurant or street food you’ve tried out lately, using Google Street View. Moreover, you can add descriptions, attach images and write reviews. The service can be searched by location, cuisine, description etc, and serves as a worldwide guide for people looking for taste inspiration.

To start off, browse the entries by clicking the spoon icons to view each flavor. When the spoons are clicked, multiple flavors are displayed in a pop-up; you can then click the icon to zoom in and find your desired flavor.


When you enter a location or flavor in the search box, results instantly appear in the drop-down box. The Advanced Search lets you search the map by location, cuisine, price and description. Simply click the Choose buttons and use the check boxes to select your search parameters.


You can also sign-in to Flavour Map via your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or create an account by submitting your email address. Once done, you can add flavors to the map by clicking the Submit a Flavour button at the bottom of the map. Next, all you need to do is type in the address where you discovered the flavor and hit the Find button to look up the location. You can then drag & drop the spoon icon on the map to find the exact location of your flavor. When you’ve found the location, click Next.


The app will then require you to add a Description, Title, Category, Cuisine, and other similar details. Additionally, you will be able to upload a picture. Once done, click Submit and your flavor will be uploaded to the map.


Visit the link below to share your flavors or search and be inspired by other people’s discoveries.

Visit Flavour Map

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