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ForiSearch – Search Images And Videos In Foreign Languages

Not everything is written in English. What will you do when you need to find what videos of Barack Obama are Japanese people posting? Or when you need to find photos of a Chinese actress? Of course the Chinese newspapers and blogs would have more photos of their own actress than a newspaper in US. Now the only method is to first translate the name using Google Translate or Yahoo! BabelFish and then copy/paste the name to search engines.

But isn’t this method a little too time consuming? What if you want to perform multiple searches in foreign languages? This is where ForiSearch comes in. It is a free service that uses Google Translate API to translate the keywords and then searches them in important destinations such as Google Images, Google Videos, YouTube, Yahoo, and MSN.

ForiSearch - search images and videos in foreign language

Just enter the name, select whether you want to search for Images or Videos, finally select the language and hit Translate&Search. By default it uses Google Images to search for images and and Google Video for videos, but you can always change it.

Search for Barack Obama in japanese

There is a frame on top where you can perform more searches, change input and output language, choose the search engine where you want to perform the search, select the image size, and finally the type of content you are looking for.

I performed a total of 20-30 searches and all came out to be very relevant. Below is the screenshot of search result when searched for Barack Obama in Simplified Chinese on YouTube.

Searching for videos in foreign language

The logo might look a bit cranky, but ForiSearch is a perfect example how Google Translate API can be used to perform searches from your native language to foreign language. I am still surprised that Google has not implemented this feature themselves, since it is a really useful one. Enjoy!

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