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Instrumente: Format Text, Generate Random Passwords, Test Regex & More [Chrome]

Google Chrome comes with a nice set of developer tools built in that make your life easier, especially if you use the browser for a lot of developmental testing and debugging. However, there are also a number of extensions out there that let you add more features to the browser. One such extension is Instrumente that lets you perform multiple tasks, which would normally require you to switch between several applications. This extension offers a collection of tools that users – developers, in particular – might need once in a while, such as text converter, random password generator, regular expression tester, Grid calculator and more. The purpose is to save your time, by letting you perform all these tasks without leaving the browser.

After installation, you will be able to access seven different developer tools in a pop-up, which are named as Text, Lorem Ipsum, Password, Email, .htpasswd, Grid and Regex. The Text category allows you to enter text and select options from a drop-down menu. Some of the options you will find are uppercase, lowercase and capitalize. The Lorem Ipsum generator, as the name implies, lets you generate random text for dummy usage, and format and convert it to ordered lists.


The Password generator lets you enable multiple options, such as┬áInclude lowercase letters, Include upper case letters, Include numbers and Include other characters. You may also set the password’s length. Once done with the options, simply hit the Generate button, and a random password matching the defined criteria will instantly be displayed in the result bar.


Additionally, you can covert an email address to JavaScript, and employ the .htpasswd password generator. With it, you can also test regular expressions and beautify your code. The extension can come in particularly useful for web developers who often have to use multiple tools/web services to perform similar tasks.

Install Instrumente For Google Chrome

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