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Fotolink Is A Facebook App That Moves Facebook Photos To Google+

All that hype over moving your life from Facebook to Google+ has inspired a lot of services and extensions and needless to say that people are about as eager to try them out as Facebook is to block them. What Facebook may not have realized is that it was actually harboring the solution to the whole time; Fotolink is Facebook application that lets you export your photos to a multitude of services like Flickr, Picasa, MySpace and more. The app effectively exports all images from any album to a preexisting one in Picasa which in effect means the images are also transferred to your Google+ account.

Fotolink accounts

So, sign in to Facebook, visit Fotolink, grant access to the app and you’re ready to start connecting accounts and export pictures. To connect your Picasa account, click the Photo Accounts tab on the top and click the Picasa icon. You will need to authorize the app to connect with your account.


The left side of the app interface is populated with a list of all connected accounts and the existing albums in each. Since the app is built on Facebook, it can’t create albums in any of your other accounts. To copy images from a Facebook album, select the album from the expanding list on the left. The main interface will preview thumbnails of all images in the album you picked, you can select all or any one of them. From the small button panel on the right of the interface, click Copy. Select your Picasa account from the left and the album you want to copy the mages to and select Paste from the button panel and you’re done.

Photos Google

Now visit Photos from Google+ and you’ll see the copied images under Your Albums. To keep the pictures organized, create empty albums in your Picasa account for each Facebook album you want to copy before you move the images.

Visit Fotolink


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