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fournotebook: Sync Bookmarks, Webpages And Memos Between Chrome, iOS & Android

fournotebook is a handy notebook that lets you bookmark webpages and organize tasks with four basic colors. It can especially be useful for people who already have loads of bookmarks and don’t want to clutter the bookmark bar with more. You can easily bookmark pages and access them later from the pop-up. Once you’ve created notes and bookmarked pages, sync your notes and tasks on fournotebook with your smartphone. Moreover, you can customize the colors and set different names for them by clicking the Settings button. With it, you can work more effectively, as it quickly lets you switch between memos and bookmarks.

Once you’ve installed the extension, click the button in the toolbar and click Login with Facebook. Once done, you will be able to view four tabs, which are Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Change their names from the settings and click a category to add a memo. Simply click the (+) button to add a task, note or memo. When browsing the web, click the pink bookmark button next to the (+) button to bookmark the current page. The page will instantly be added to the pop-up, and you can click Save to bookmark it. All your memos, tasks and bookmarks are displayed under the All category.

all (2)

You can also click individual categories to view the tasks under them. The colors let you identify different categories quickly, and with ease.


Settings are very basic and only allow you to add names instead of colors.


The extension lets you sync your memos and bookmarks with your smartphone (Android or iPhone), but unfortunately, during our testing, this feature did not work (at least on Android).

Qr code

Overall, the extension lets you keep track of all your important tasks and lets you bookmark webpages that you want to read later. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install fournotebook For Google Chrome

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