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Foxish Live RSS: Get Firefox Live Bookmarks Feature In Chrome

Foxish Live RSS is a Chrome extension that mimics Firefox’s live bookmarks feature by syncing RSS feeds with bookmark folders, and updates them automatically at regular intervals. It does this by syncing feed items every five minutes, with folders on the bookmark bar. It shows an icon in the address bar, indicating the web page has RSS/atom feeds. Foxish Live RSS also lets you export RSS feed list, and import RSS in OPML format from other RSS readers.

After you’ve installed the extension, click the RSS icon in the address bar to add RSS feeds. The icon appears as soon as it detects RSS feeds on websites. Clicking this icon will open the Foxish Live RSS page, from where you can select a folder, and enter feed name. Once done, click subscribe and the feed will be added to the folder in the bookmarks bar. The extension syncs feeds after every five minutes, which means you can stay in touch with the latest news, without having to visit websites over and over again.


When you click the icon, the Foxish Live RSS page is displayed, allowing you to add a Feed Name, Parent folder and Max Feed Items. The Feed URL and Site URL are automatically added to the page. Once done, hit the Subscribe button and the RSS feeds will be added to the bookmarks bar or folder. The extension also displays a Feed Preview at the bottom of the page. In addition to that, you can delete and add feeds from the Options page.


The Foxish Live RSS Options lets you view the list of added feeds. You can easily add more feeds by clicking the green add feed button, and  delete a particular feed using the (-) red button. As mentioned earlier, it lets you export and import RSS feeds. If you’ve an OPML file, you can import it to Bookmark folder via Options page; just click Choose File to select the OPML file to import, and it will list down all the RSS feed items.


Foxish Live RSS is, certainly, a useful extension that brings Firefox’s live bookmarks feature to Chrome. You can install it by hitting up the link below.

Install Foxish Live RSS


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