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Free Up Memory In Google Chrome? Purge Memory

Google Chrome’s Task Manager is quite handy, it can be launched by hitting Shift+Esc hotkey. It is useful in a sense that you can easily end a certain page(process) without having to crash the whole browser and restart it. Chrome is able to handle it well because it assigns a separate process to each page, thus making it faster.

The main point of having the task manager was to end a certain unresponsive process(page) or a process that is taking huge amount of memory. But now the DownloadSquad blog has discovered that the latest Chromium build includes an additional option called Purge Memory.

It can be enabled by adding –purge-memory-button switch at the end of the shortcut target. In Windows it should look like:

C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Chromium\Application\chrome.exe –purge-memory-button

Clicking ‘Purge Memory’ button will drastically reduce the amount of memory every process is consuming.

Google Chrome Purge Memory

Please note that this option, at the moment of writing, can only be enabled in the latest Chromium build. The next version of Google Chrome will likely include this option by default or we will need to enable it by adding the switch. All we can do is wait and let Google do it’s job.

We believe this is quite a huge step forward. Since Google Chrome OS is build around Chrome browser, this option can help individuals who are willing to use Chrome OS reduce memory on their netbooks.

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