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GE.TT – Upload And Share Your Files on Facebook And Twitter, Also Send To Email

Sharing photos, documents, presentations, etc., over the internet is more common today than it ever was just a decode ago — or maybe even less. The need to share such content over the web or through other online means has become more of a need than a luxury. Attaching a heavy document via email can be quite a lethargic and time frustrating task. Moreover, email services usually repel supporting large file attachments. GE.TT is a new web service that allows users to instantly upload and share their files  on Facebook, Twitter or send it to an email address.

To start sending files via GE.TT you will have to sign up and make an account. Users can upload data even without signing up. However, to send files they will have to login with their account. Users can upload files simply by clicking on the Create Share button and selecting a file from their computer.


After the file is uploaded the user can share the file link on Facebook, Twitter or to send it to an email address. The files are uploaded on the GE.TT server and the uploaded data remains available for viewing and downloading for 30 days through the provided URL. Anyone with the link can access, download and view the files. We would not recommend GE.TT for sharing confidential files such as a private documents.

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Previously, we have also covered iSendr which is a service that offers p2p (peer to peer) transfer of files with the option to password protect the uploaded data. Unfortunately this website does not encrypt files like iSendr, neither does it provide an option to protect data via a password. However, unlike iSendr, GE.TT does deliver a very convenient way to share files. Moreover, the uploaded files are saved on the server for 30 days for users to view and download from. We found it to be quick and efficient in allowing instant upload and sharing of files over the internet. It also provides users the utility to upload heavy files that might be difficult or impossible to upload and send via an email address due to the size limitations that many email providers have. With GE.TT, users can also be saved from the hassle of waiting for a long period of time before their files are uploaded or extracted to or from an email address, as the upload and download speed even for heavy files is quite good.

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