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Get Chrome’s Speed Dial Feature In Firefox With Sugestron Speed Dial

Speed dialing is perhaps one of the best features that a browser can have. It’s a fast way of getting to the right page without actually having to read the page title; users can simply identify the website from the thumbnail and start browsing. For Firefox users who may have loved the feature in Chrome and Opera but weren’t up to betraying their browser over it, the Sugestron Speed Dial is an extension that will add the speed dial feature to your browser with no loyalties compromised.

Speed Dial

The extension lets you choose which sites you want on your speed dial. Opening a site in a new tab after installing the extension will add it to the speed dial. It adds pages from your history as well but it may add a single page multiple times (depending on how many time you visited it). It can’t identify your personal preference for a site,  (it can’t tell which are you most frequently visited sites). To keep a site from being replaced from a page from your browsing history, pin the site to speed dial by clicking on the green thumb pin icon. To delete a thumbnail, click the red X icon.

Install Sugestron Speed Dial For Firefox

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  • Nikola

    it’s not Chrome’s speed dial , its Opera’s speed dial .. geez …

  • aadhavan

    thx man its awesome helped me a lotzzzzzzzzzzz