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Get Email Alerts From Multiple Gmail Accounts In Firefox With Gmail Checker

If you have a number of different Gmail accounts, then checking mail from multiple accounts can be difficult and cumbersome task. Gmail Checker is a Firefox extension that allows users to not only check mails from more than one Gmail account but also provides periodic alerts for new mail messages.

After this extension is installed, you can access it from the buttons on the Navigation Toolbar and the Status Bar (as shown in the screenshot below).  From the drop down menu you can instantly check for new mails for the added accounts, log into a new account, go to your inbox, add/remove Gmail accounts and change extension settings.

To add accounts to Gmail Checker, you need to simply select Manage Accounts from the drop down menu to add, remove or modify your Gmail accounts. When adding a new account, you will be prompted to provide your user name and password. You can also save your login credentials to automatically login every time you start Firefox.

In the General tab in settings, you can schedule checking of your mails at various intervals. You can also exclude labels from being checked for new mails and enable SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for a more secure connection to Gmail. This tab also allows one to check for POP3 managed accounts.

The Notifications tab can be used to configure a pop up when new messages are received by your Gmail account/s and to enable or disable repeated alerts fort the same message. You can also choose to enable sound notification for new messages.

The Interface tab allows users to hide the status bar icon of Gmail Checker and to set visibility of new messages in the main menu.

The Misc tab can be used to set an auto login for Gmail accounts when Firefox starts and the option to allow links from this extension to be opened in a new tab. Users can also choose to configure if they would like to see a main menu, check mails instantly or to  open inbox of the top account when they click on the Gmail Checker Button.

Gmail Checker is a useful extension for checking numerous Gmail accounts at the same time. It is also handy for getting periodic alerts for any new mails in a browser rather than having to log in and out of different Gmail accounts. This extension works with Firefox 3 and above.

Gmail Checker Add-on for Firefox

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