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The Faculty Project Offers Free Online Courses From The Best Professors In The World [Web]

The Faculty Project is a useful web application that provides virtual access to the best professors from around the world, right on your desktop computer or mobile devices. The service offers students with free courses, alongside an option for enrollment. Included in the offering are lectures from some renowned institutions, such as Northwestern University, Dartmouth College, University of Southern California and more. The courses are conducted through Udemy’s platform of video, slides, and PDFs. Moreover, the courses offered encompass across diverse fields, like history, economics, anthropology, and so on.

To start off, you can select professors from the homepage in order to view their profile and read their detailed descriptions.


As you scroll down the page, you will find an extensive variety of courses. Simply choose one, and click Enroll button. You can then make an account or sign up via Facebook to access the course. Note that the courses are conducted through video lectures, slides and PDFs.

The Faculty Project courses

You will be able to watch videos, read slides and PDFs for lectures on the Udemy website. You may also view Discussions, access different Lectures and Recommendations.


Additionally, when logged in, you will be able to view the courses you’ve taken, and the number of lectures you’ve completed for each.

my courses

At present, there are only fourteen professors listed. While they do have excellent credentials, they are admittedly very few of them there. Hopefully the website will see more professors join it and help increase the number of fields that are covered through these online lectures and resources.

Currently, the courses offered on the front page are for some very obscure and seemingly advanced branches of academic and practical knowledge. Other ways to make the website a better resource for learning would be if users could access some practice exercises for a particular course.

The sign up process could be improved greatly since there is no option on the website itself and it is confusing for a visitor. Some of the courses that are listed on the Udemy website should also be listed here as they might prove useful to those who need them but aren’t interested in the more complex topics on the website.

The service is free and only requires a simple login via Facebook. With it, anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection, can learn from the best professors and universities. Once more lectures & professors are added to the service, it can definitely have an immense impact on the education sector all over the world.

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