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Get Instant Access To Apps & Bookmarks From Chrome’s New Tab Page

Bookmark Buttons Startpage, a slick Chrome extension, customizes the new tab page, giving you instant access to installed apps and bookmarks. It also gives you quick access to History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Extensions, Webstore and Options. Moreover, you can navigate through folders if you have your bookmarks organized in that fashion. The extension lets you customize the look and feel of the new tab page according to your choice. The Options comes with a set of predefined themes, but you can choose to manually adjust almost everything. At the bottom of the page, you will find Other Bookmarks category, where you can click a folder and browse subfolders or bookmarks easily. Also, if you use bookmark syncing, the new tab page will look exactly the same on both devices once you’ve synced them.

After you’ve installed the extension, the new tab page will display History, Downloads, Bookmarks, Extensions, Webstore and Options at the top the page, while Apps and bookmarks from the bookmarks bar will be displayed below it. A separate panel at the bottom displays the Other Bookmarks category, with all your bookmark folders.

New Tab Page

The Options allow you to customize the new tab page by applying different themes. You can also manually select colors for Window background, Frame border, Frame background and more. Once done, click Apply Theme and you’re good to go!

options appearence

Select Show big icons for installed apps instead of small icons plus text option from the Various Settings category. By default, the Bookmark bar appears in the top panel, but you can easily change this by selecting a folder from the drop-down menu. Similarly, the bottom box displays the Other Bookmarks folder by default, but you can also change that from the settings.

options various settings

With this extension, you can easily open downloads, history and installed extensions from the start page instead of clicking the wrench icon each time. Bookmark Buttons Startpage saves time and lets you browse the web in a more organized and neat manner. Visit the link below to grab the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Install Bookmark Buttons Startpage For Google Chrome

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