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Get Lyrics, Artist Info & Control Google Music From Any Tab [Chrome]

Google Music is still pretty much in infancy but there have nevertheless been many extensions created to make the service easier to use or to enhance it. Music Plus for Google Music is a newly added Chrome extension that covers almost everything you might want to do to enhance Google Music. The extension lets you access your library from any tab and change songs, it enables keyboard shortcuts to pause and play songs and integrates artist information and lyrics within the Google Music interface.

Music Plus for Google lyrics

The extension adds a headset icon next to the URL bar; clicking the icon opens a pop up showing the currently playing song. The pop-up allows you to pause/ play songs, access your library, search your library and skip to the next song. You will need to keep Google Music open in a tab but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same Chrome window you’re working in.

Music Plus for Google popup

The pop-up is designed to match the Google UI which makes it extremely easy to navigate between your library and the currently playing song. The leftward arrow moves you between your library and the music player.

Music Plus for Google Music Options

The extension also adds artist and album details via Last.fm in the Google Music interface and a panel for lyrics. Both features have to be enabled from the extension’s options. The extension also adds a download button in Google Music next to the Thumbs up/down buttons allowing you to download a track to your computer. The extension enables keyboard shortcuts that let you pause, play or skip to the next or previous song. Additionally the extension will also notify whenever the track you’re playing changes.

Music Plus for Google popup

Most features work without the slightest glitch but if you can’t see the lyrics panel or the keyboard shortcuts aren’t working try refreshing your Google Music page or opening it in a new tab.

Install Music Plus for Google Music Extension For Chrome

[via Lifehacker]

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  • Meena Bassem

    is it still just for US?

    • Reply

      use a proxy if ur not in the US.