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Get Notified Of Important Tasks With Location-Based Reminders [Chrome]

Android phones and the iPhone have very smart reminder apps that will remind you of a task when you reach a certain destination. While the stock reminder app in iOS has this feature, for Android you have to download an app that has it. The feature is useful on phones but reminders are even better if they are given when you’re on your desktop when you have your work open in front of you and you can get to those reminders sooner. Geo Notepad is a Chrome app that is a location based reminder and mimics the functionality of reminder apps in smartphones.  It allows you to define multiple locations from Google Maps and save them to your browser along with different notes/reminders. Once your arrive at the location and are online, the app will pop up your reminders. It works as a background app and will start running when your launch your browser. You will not need to click any buttons and manually check for reminders. Whenever you access your laptop in a particular area, for which you’ve saved reminders, the notifications will instantly pop-up. Note that you will need a Wi-fi connection or any sort of internet connection for Geo Notepad to work, as estimated location is calculated by detecting the longitude and latitude of your current location via whichever router you’re connected to.

Download, install and launch the app from a new tab. No locations are added by default and when you click the Add Location button, it detects your current location. You can then navigate to another location and save it. For each location enter a name, the longitude and latitude are automatically added and pick a color that the location will be shown with on the app. The colors allow you to group different location types e.g., all locations saved in blue are a family member’s residence.

Reminders are added once a location is saved. A text input field appears just below it. Write a reminder and save it. You can add multiple locations and as many reminders as you like for a specific location. The next time you launch Chrome in that particular location, those specific reminders will start to pop-up. Since Geo Notepad is a background Chrome app, it will continue to run even if you close all browser windows and therefor whenever you change your location and are online.

Geo Notepad is a tiny app that works perfectly and lets you keep track of all your tasks related to work, home or school.

Install Geo Notepad For Google Chrome

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