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Get WOT Plugin For Chrome [Extension]

Want to keep yourself safe from malicious backdoors on various websites? Want to keep your kids safe while they browse the web? WOT is the most popular security add-on in Firefox till date and now you can use this extension in Chrome as well.

This extension is not new, but certainly helps users in browsing the web safely. Weather you want to trust an online shop, make sure the download sites are not delivering malware, sites are not spamming, or make sure inappropriate content for kids are not shown, WOT takes care of it all.

Once the extension is installed, a small icon is displayed next to the address bar. Depending on your settings, it will notify you when a site you are visiting is not safe.

WOT Chrome

Better to be safe than sorry. It is one extension I will highly recommend you to install.

Download WOT Extension

Nakodari is a founding editor at AddictiveTips who is searching among hundreds of extensions to find the best ones for the readers, he occasionally reviews extensions to help beginners turn pro.

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