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7 Sidebar Brings Vista Sidebar To Windows 7

7 Sidebar is a small gadget. Run it and you see the Vista sidebar without any gadgets in it. Click the small ‘+’ icon on top and start adding the installed Windows 7 gadgets to this sidebar. Yes, a gadget in which you can add all other gadgets.

So what’s the purpose of this gadget that simulates the good old sidebar of Vista? Windows 7 doesn’t contain any sidebar and you can position the gadget anywhere you want on the desktop, but if you want a proper sidebar where the gadgets can be placed, then this is for you.

7 Sidebar

It also acts like a Windows Manager, i.e, it can show all windows that have been minimized to the taskbar. To enable Windows Manager, click the small icon next to the ‘+’ icon at the top of the sidebar.

Windows Manager

You can either position the sidebar to the left or right side of the desktop. If you have dual monitors, right-click the sidebar and go to Settings, now choose 2 from the Monitor drop-down menu. Doing this will move the sidebar to the other monitor’s desktop, i.e, the sidebar fully supports dual-monitor setup.

7 sidebar settings

Apart from the above two option, you can choose to keep the sidebar always on top and also select to refresh previews of minimized windows in Windows Manager.

Download 7 Sidebar


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