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gleeBox: Complete Website Navigation Using Keyboard [Chrome]

gleeBox is the perfect tool for keyboard and command line lovers. This Chrome extension takes a keyboard-centric approach for navigating websites and provides alternatives to actions that are traditionally performed via the mouse, such as clicking, scrolling, selecting text fields and more. gleeBox comes with various commands that allow you to traverse through different elements on a page, perform different types of actions, such as scroll through the headings, select linked images, open articles in a clutter free reader or Google Reader and more. Gleebox offers a highly customizable and intuitive way to navigate web pages via keyboard. To start off, hit the G key, type a part or all of the link name into the search bar, gleeBox will then immediately highlight all the link on the page. You can then press Enter to go to the URL or press Shift+Enter to open the links in a new tab.

When you enter any text, gleeBox will search for links on the current page whose text matches your query. If it finds any links, it will highlight them and you can scroll through them by pressing the Tab key. You can open a particular link by pressing Enter. In case gleeBox doesn’t find any links, when you press Enter, it will redirect you to a search engine with the results. You can use all the different commands given in the user manual to navigate webpages faster and more effectively. For instance, you can type ?h to navigate headings, “!read” to open the article in a neat, clutter free reader and more.


You will find different categories of commands in the user manual, such as “?Scraper Commands”  that start with a “?”, such as “?h” for selecting headings, “?img” for selecting linked images, “??” for text input fields and more. Similarly, you will also be able to find “!Page Commands”, such as “!read”, “!shorten”, “tweet”, “!rss” and many more. Additionally, the YubNub/Quix Commands allow you share the current page on Facebook, get a PDF for the current page and more. A complete set of commands is provided in the user manual.

user manual

The gleeBox Options allow you to select a search engine, set the default behavior, shortcuts and disable URLs, whereas the Appearance option allows you to select a size and theme.


gleeBox  gives you fast search capabilities with fewer mouse clicks. To save all those extra mouse clicks, visit the link below and install the extension.

Install gleeBox For Google Chrome

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