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GMail Search: Quickly Find Gmail Items From The Omnibar [Chrome]

Gmail Search, a Chrome extension, lets you quickly search through your Gmail account right from the Omnibar. The extension helps you search your emails from your Google accounts directly from the address bar. Once the extension is installed, simple type “gs” in the Omnibar, and hit either the space bar or tab, then enter a query to search your Gmail inbox. The extension will display a list of all the emails and conversations that consists of the search keyword. The instant search feature displays results immediately, and provides users with fast access to currently signed-in Gmail account.

To start off, type “gs”, hit the space bar or tab and enter your search query. If instant search is enabled, results will be displayed in the same tab as you type, whereas the new tab option opens the results in a new tab without the instant search feature.

instant search

The Gmail Search Options offer users with two basic options, allowing you to either enable the Search in a new tab feature or the Instant Search. Both options can not be selected together. Instant Search starts searching as soon as you enter the first few characters of your search query, and does not depend on Chrome’s native instant search feature.


The extension is useful only if you need to search a particular word or phrase in your email. Since it does not load contacts like the default search feature in Gmail, it is rather limited. You can always type out an email address or a name yourself but in this regard the default search as you type feature in Gmail is better and supports autocomplete.

The one major flaw with this extension is actually its instant search. As you type each additional letter in to the omnibar, the extension sends a new search command to Gmail thus slowing the process down. Take for example you want to search for emails from a particular person (I’ll borrow our Editor’s name for the example). You start typing in Aatif but, for each letter you type the extension sends a search query to Gmail first for A, then Aa, then Aat and so on until you’re done typing in the name.

GMail Search is an extension that extends the Omnibar’s capabilities and lets you search Gmail. While the instant search isn’t that great, the extension can can come in useful if your queries are limited to words or phrases.

Install GMail Search For Google Chrome

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