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Google Docs Collaborating Documents

Google Docs now presents smooth collaboration feature which lets users collaborate with each other in real-time. The Collaboration is dead-easy way to invoke, you just have to invite the person to share the document and that’s it. Adding more to it, you can also chat while working on document for preventing any discrepancies. Google Docs collaboration feature will take you one step ahead for creating, editing and sharing syndicated documents.

Open Google Docs account and select the document you need to share.


Now From Share Options click Invite People.

invite people

Just enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share this spreadsheet, you can add as many persons’ email addresses as you want. For configuring advance options switch to Advanced permissions tab and configure desired settings.


Now switch to People with Access tab to view the person(s) who are permitted for collaboration. Now click Save & Close.

Now open the spreadsheet and start collaborating. Whenever the person starts editing the spreadsheet, you will be notified and other person’s insertion will be marked with red or any other color assigned to him/her. For avoiding any lack of correspondence, you can chat with the other person in order to share information and stay up to date. The chat will be initiated on the right-sidebar as shown in the screenshot below.

sharing 1 2

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