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Google Redesigned For Gmail, Google Reader, Calendar & Docs [Firefox]

Do you find Google Reader’s or Gmail’s interface dull and boring? Google Redesigned, a Firefox add-on, completely redesigns the look and feel of popular Google services, such as Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar and more. Google Redesigned loads and manages several CSS style sheets that change the appearance of these popular services. Once the add-on is installed, you will be able to toggle Google redesign for independent services by accessing the add-on button in the toolbar. The new interface is slick, and allows you to browse Google services in a more effective manner.

When you install the add-on in Firefox, Gmail, Calendar, Docs and Reader are instantly transformed from the default look to a newer, more pleasant interface. The add-on does not need to access your account so you will not be asked to authorize Google Redesigned to connect with your Google account. The add-on works by loading CSS sheets when you open a Google service and renders the new design when the page is loading.

Google Redesigned

The interface has a unique and streamlined look. Most of it is grey colored, with links having a bright yellow color. The emphasis appears to be on improving readability and if that was the goal, it has been accomplished. When Google redesigned its services, it opted for much more subtle design elements like the very thin blue line you will see next to a selected item in your inbox. The design may not be easy on everyone’s eyes and that’s were Google Redesigned comes in handy.

google reader

The toolbar button allows you to enable and disable Google Redesign for separate services. A checkmark will appear next to styles which are enabled, and you can also view a style’s change log. The extension makes sure that updates to the skins are applied automatically. Clicking the Check For Style Updates option displays a desktop notification that lets you know if all styles are up to date.


The only shortcoming is that there is only one theme to select for each service. While the theme itself is good, users might want more and there doesn’t appear to be any way of editing the color for the current theme either. It is notable that the add-on isn’t just for a single Google service (most developers focus only on Gmail) but also for Google Calendar, Google Documents and Google Reader.

Google Redesigned changes the dull, boring look of Google services to a new gorgeous style, which can improve your readability and web browsing experience. Visit the link below to install the add-on.

Install Google Redesigned Add-On For Firefox


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