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Google Ultimate Improves Google+ Design, Makes It Less Like Facebook

With multiple extensions already crowding the Chrome app store that are built to add or enhance functionality on our Google Plus pages, there is now one that lets you customize the design. The layout is somewhat similar to that of Facebook and if you want a complete break from it you should try the Google Ultimate extension for Chrome. It not only spruces up the design but also adds some functionality to it like appending both the Google bar and the Google+ navigation bar to the top and freezing the left panel. The extension modifies the background, makes scroll bars thinner in the chat lists (for online friends) and reduces the size of images appearing in your stream,

Google Ultimate

You can choose which feature of the extension to enable from the extension’s options. The extension also has an experimental feature that allows you to view items in your stream side by side. The feature is meant to benefit people viewing Google+ on a wide screen.

google ultimate side by side view

Install Google Ultimate Extension For Chrome

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