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Gradient Scanner Picks Gradients From Images & Manipulate Colors

You might like an image or background for its colors and might find a good color or two for something you’re designing from a single picture. If you wanted to pick up on the gradient effect used in an image and perhaps play with it a bit to see what you can improve it might prove to be a long and tedious process. Gradient Scanner is a web application that picks colors from gradients in an image, lets you blur or sharpen the color differences and pick which colors were used to get that precise effect.

The app lets you upload any image from your system and traces gradients used either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Click the browse button and load the image that you want to pick gradient colors from. Hold down the left-click button as you mouse over the image. Move from one edge to the other and make sure you release the button only on the edge of the image or it will not trace the gradients. You can see the colors as they are picked in a horizontal strip just below your image. Click Next to continue.


The app then lets you adjust the color sensitivity of the gradients. Color sensitivity refers to how well the distinctive colors blend with each other. You can increase or decrease it as per your requirements. Decreasing it will separate more colors and increasing it will merge the two main colors so that they blend better. Changes to color sensitivity can be previewed and compared in the preview panel just above the sensitivity adjuster.

gradient-scanner adjust sensitivity

Click Next and you will be given a complete list of colors used to create the gradient effect. You can select any one of the colors and substitute it with another by using the color palette on the right. In addition to changing colors, you can also adjust the position of the color from the Position knob. Each color is accompanied with a Hex code and its relative position in the gradient spectrum.

gradient-scanner edit gradient

The app makes it easy to quickly replicate the gradients in an image and to modify and experiment with them.

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