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Greasemonkey Script To Firefox Extension Converter

User Script Compiler is a free online service that lets you convert any Greasemonkey script into a Firefox extension. Now if your friends are still confused about what Greasemonkey and their scripts are, you can convert a script into a Firefox extension for them.

Firefox extensions always end in .xpi format, to install them you will have to drag them to the Firefox address bar or open them in Firefox browser by going to File > Open. But before you can install it, lets talk about how to convert a Greasemonkey script first.

Head over to your Firefox profile folder and then find a sub-folder named gs_scripts. Inside this folder you will find all installed greasemonkey scripts in.js format, rename the one you want to convert to .txt format and then open the file in notepad.

Now head over to User Script Compiler website and paste the complete User Script code. You can also fill other fields such as Creator name, Extension Homepage, Extension version, etc. When all fields have been filled, hit Compile and it will make an .xpi file for you to download.

firefox extension compiler

You can then share this extension with all those people who lack knowledge of scripts. They can also be used for your own purpose if you want to create a collection of important extensions.

User Script Compiler


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