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GrooveBud: Remotely Control Grooveshark From Your Phone [Chrome]

You may have come across a lot of extensions that let you control Grooveshark across different tabs in both Chrome and Firefox. Previous for Grooveshark & Google Music was a recently reviewed extension that let you control music playing on both Grooveshark and Google Music across tabs and windows but what beats all such similar extensions is being able to control Grooveshark from your phone. GrooveBud is a Chrome extension that allows you to remotely control Grooveshark; you can skip to the next or previous song, pause/play songs and control the volume all from your handset.

Once installed, the extension is active only when you visit Grooveshark. It requires no app installation on your handset and should, ideally, work on any phone with internet access. Once you’ve got a playlist ready on Grooveshark, click the extension’s icon in the URL bar. A pop-up will open with a QR code and a URL. Scan the code or open the URL on your phone.


The URL will open a web page with a set of media controls that will allow you to control songs on Grooveshark. Each user receives a unique URL and will work for that specific user only. The extension sends web based commands i.e. it uses the Groovebud service to connect your phone with your browser. Your phone must have internet access to be able to send commands to your browser. Using the web based controls, you can pause/play songs, move to the next or previous song and increase or decrease the volume.


Your browser receives and executes the commands from your phone reasonably fast, lag time in interpreting the commands may be a result of your connection speed on either the device or your PC. The extension is useful if you’ve got your system hooked up to Wi-Fi, a playlist playing on Grooveshark and you’re not on your desk. Since the controls are web based and do not depend on any app, you can also control Grooveshark (in Chrome) from any other browser.

Install GrooveBud Extension For Chrome

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