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Gtalklet – Chat Using Google Talk While Surfing Any Website [Chrome]

We covered extensions that put the Google Talk window in your browser as a pop-up allowing you to chat with any one of your contacts but one major shortcoming of such extensions is that clicking anywhere outside the pop-up will close it. If you switch windows, Google Talk pop-up will close, for each window or tab you visit or switch to, you will have to open it repeatedly. Gtalklet is a Chrome extension that adds Google Talk such that it is always on top and open throughout all tabs and windows. You can switch tabs and chat windows will not close or minimize. The extension lets you search contacts, gives you desktop notifications if you get a new message and your browser window is minimized. You can use the extension to sign in to one account and sign in to your Gmail in your browser with no conflicts. The extension does not support Google Apps accounts.


The extension adds a simple chat feature at the bottom of the browser window, you can move it to either the left or right side of the browser. To connect an account click the small knob which will initially be grayed out and choose the settings icon to visit the extension’s settings. Alternatively (and this is the easier way to di it) visit the extension’s options from the extension manager.

Gtalklet Options

Remember that the extension will not work on Google App accounts; enter you username and password and exit the options page. Click the same knob again and there will be a green one directly above it. Click it to sign in. Once signed in, a small plus sign will appear next to the green knob.


Clicking the plus sign expands it to a small search bar that you can use to search for your contacts and start a conversation with.

Gtalklet chat popup

The extension and the chat window always remains on top, if you want to disable the chat from appearing on a particular site by clicking the extension’s icon in the URL bar. The green knob then expands so you can set your status to either away or busy by clicking the red or orange ones. The small arrow button signs you out.

Gtalklet desktop notifications

The extension also gives you desktop notifications of incoming chat messages in case you’ve minimized your browser. The extension also lets you predefine some sites where the chat window should not be on top, for example, on Facebook. You might not want to have a Facebook chat window and a Gtalk chat window open at the same time. You can restrict the extension from opening the chat window on sites from the Advanced tab in the extension’s options. The extension in no way interferes with you signing in to a different account on Google in Chrome, it works independently. The extension does not support features like file transfer but the developer does promise to integrate it soon.

Install Gtalklet Extension For Chrome


  1. Maybe I’m a little slow, but how does the settings work? What should I do with this field – username@chat.facebook.com and which password – Facebook or Gmail etc?

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