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Hi Task Is A Task, Project & Event Manager That Generates Reports

There is no one size fits all solution to project and task management which is why new methods and techniques continue to evolve, and why you will always find a new task and project management service to help get your work on track. Hi Task is a web service that is a task manager at the core but has features that make it a viable project management tool. It lets you create projects, add tasks and generate reports based on time or productivity.

The service offers several ways of organizing tasks and projects and also lets you enter tasks or events independent of projects allowing you to use the service as a to-do list manager if the need arises. You can sort tasks by projects, by date, by color or by team (people you’ve assigned the task to). The web service lets you add tasks individually or upload CSV task file.

HiTask add tasks

To add a task or an event, start typing in the Enter Item Name bar next to the Add button. You can add a description of you like. By default, anything you add, is added as a task, to change it to an event or a note, click the option just below the description box. If you choose File you will be able to add and upload files. The free account gives you 50MB of space, not much but enough perhaps for the 10 projects that you can create on the account. You can upload multiple files at the same time. For tasks and events, you can define a time and the frequency of the occurrence of the event. You can track how much time you’ve spent on a task and color code it.

hitask organize tasks

Tasks and events that you enter start to appear on your timeline for the respective day/date. You can scroll through it to a specific hour and see what you’ve got planned. The web service in effect runs as both a task manager and also as an event diary that will tell you what you’ve got scheduled for the day.

HiTask add project

To add a project, go to the Project tab, and click the Add Project button. Enter a name and description and click Add.

HiTask color code tasks

Once you’ve added a task and assigned it a particular color, you can edit/ change the colors anytime. If you prefer the color coded view of your tasks, go the the Color view tab. All tasks will be listed no matter which tab you visit, drag & drop them to a different color box and the task will be assigned that color.

What makes Hi Task different is the fact that you can view your projects and tasks in multiple ways. Where traditionally task managing services like to keep a singular flow on how your tasks and projects are presented, this one allows you to choose and switch between a color, time and project view. The service has a Premium and Business plan. Team collaboration is available only in the Business plan which offers 2.5GB of storage space. The premium version has more storage space for uploading files and allows you to add more projects for $3 per month. The service also has an iPhone app.

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