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Highlight Words & Find Expressions From Urban Dictionary [Chrome]

There are different kinds of dictionaries available online; some for different languages, some for specific fields like accounting, chemistry or biology. Then there is Urban Dictionary; a wonderful and rich resource of all the slang and slander on the internet. From the newest to the oldest terms used either as internet slang or to hurl insults on public forums without being caught by moderators, the site has it all, except for a quick way to access it. Urban Dictionary Search is a simple, but useful extension for Chrome that allows users to search all types of expressions on UrbanDictionary.com, right from their toolbar. Searches can be carried out in two different ways; you can either select a word on a webpage and click the button in the toolbar to lookup the expression, or click the button in the toolbar and enter a word. After typing the word, hit Enter and the results will instantly be displayed in the pop-up. Urban Dictionary Search is easy-to-use and has no options or settings, whatsoever.

After installing the extension, highlight a word or phrase on any website and click the button in the toolbar. As you do this, the expression for that word will be retrieved from UrbanDictionary.com and will be displayed within seconds. For each word, a meaning and an example are displayed in the pop-up. If there are multiple entries for a word and each one is accompanied by an example, they will all be listed in the popup. The definitions are numbered and the examples are given below with a number corresponding to the definition. Users can also type in words to find out expressions.

urban Dictionary

The major reason you would want to install the extension is that if you were to Google a phrase, the result from UrbanDictionary is very unlikely to show up in the results. The secondary reason is, if you’re looking up a word that might be extremely inappropriate (and most are), you don’t want it appearing in your browsing history. The extension lets you view the meaning in a popup so no harm done and you will learn a new word. The shortcomings of the extension are that it does not have a right-click context menu option which would have made it a lot easier to use.

Urban Dictionary is a pretty neat extension that can specially be useful for both students and teachers, alike. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install Urban Dictionary Search For Google Chrome

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