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History Deleter Clears Browsing History In Firefox With Custom Rules [Extension]

When using Firefox build-in feature to delete specific browsing history, you can delete history by selecting a list of months while real-time search is also provided to narrow down the history for removing only specific URLs and other content. This feature proves to be handy until it is required to delete history by applying user-defined constraints to delete specific URLs keywords and page titles. History Deleter is an extension which facilitates user in this regard. It offers a set of pre-defined rules which you can apply to delete browsing history by date, URL keywords, and page titles.

Apparently no interface is provided nor it is vocal in terms of telling users that history has been deleted, it only comes with a single configuration console, to define your criteria and rules for deleting browsing history. Whether you launch the console from add-in options or from Tools menu, either way you will end up having the main configuration window in front of you.

As exhibited in the screenshot below, the procedure for defining a rule is self-explanatory, before clicking Add button, set up some constraints from Edit rule, enter URL keywords (either complete URL or just the page title), enter number of days w.r.t days before the link was accessed. Option like deleting dead links and a condition for deleting history of all pages if page visits exceed 2 times are also shown.

History Deleter preferences

From Execution Settings, you can configure settings to define when to execute the deletion process. Once all the settings are configured, click Add to en-queue the rule in main list. Likewise, you can enlist as many page URLs, and page titles as you want. Furthermore, it lets you examine the list of items that will be deleted from the history, select a rule from the list and click Examine this rule to view the links followed by Run now button to let it do the rest.

Aside from a slight interface-related bug, it works as intended. Testing was done on Firefox 3.6.

History Deleter Extension for Firefox

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