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History Disable Button Toggles Save Firefox Browsing History On & Off

The past is history but when it comes to web browsers, history is haunting proof that you’ve been slacking off at work or that you really did visit a website that downloaded malware to your company’s network. Browsing history isn’t at time just incriminating, it also eats memory and if you aren’t in the habit of deleting your browsing history (maybe even once in a decade), it all adds up to some serious memory consumption. For whatever reason you don’t like browsing history being saved, turning isn’t the easiest thing to do. History Disable Button is a Firefox extension that allows you to toggle saving browsing history on & off from a single button next to the URL bar.

Once installed, the the extension adds a small padlock like button next to the URL bar, clicking the button toggles the save browsing history mode on & off.  When save history is enabled, the padlock shrinks (compared to its original size, when save history is disabled, the padlock appears larger. Alternatively, if you squint your eyes, tilt you head sides ways and move in real close to your screen, you will be able to see how the button’s appearance changes for on & off mode.

History disable button onHistory disable button off

The extension disables history however, it does not delete history that’s already been saved. You can browse any number of pages and any site you want and your history will not be saved. In the screenshot below, you can see one page that was visited with the extension disabled. Once enabled, no further pages were saved.

History disable button enabled

So, for whatever reasons you might have for wanting to hide your browsing history, here’s an easier way to do it.

Install History Disable Button

[via gHacks]

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