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Hosts Switcher Lets You Switch & Reload Hosts File In Firefox

Hosts Switcher is a Firefox extension that makes it easy to switch between different Hosts, it allows you to create different environments for viewing the same site and lets you easily switch between different environments. You can reload Hosts and clear cache and cookies with this extension.


The extension lets you map IPs in the Hosts files in a certain syntax that it reads and uses it to differentiate which environment you want to switch to. To define a new site, precede the site name with # @switch. To define an environment for the site, precede the environment name with # @case.

host switcher

Access the extension from the add-on bar. All sites that were preceded with # @switch will appear in the main context menu when you click the extension’s name in the add-on bar. All environments that were preceded by # @case will appear as sub-menu for the respective site they were added to. To switch from one environment to another, load the site in Firefox, right click the extension’s name and choose which profile you want to switch to. You can create several profiles based on your usage and need.

host switcher options

You can set the page to reload automatically after you make any changes from the extension’s options. The extension lets you clear cookies & cache and reload Hosts file from the context menu when you right click it.

Install Hosts Switcher Extension For Firefox

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  • Alex

    Is there any way to use this extension with google chrome??