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How To Automatically Update Your Firefox Addons And Themes

Do you get annoyed when Firefox tells you that new update for your add-ons are available? And then you need to manually click the Update button, wait for the update to complete and then finally your browser is gets restarted. Update Notifier is a great little add-on for Firefox which you can use to automatically update all your add-ons and themes without even bothering you.

Once you have installed this add-on, go to Tools and select Add-ons. Now select Update Notifer from the list and go to it’s options.

automatic firefox update

Now check all the checkboxes like shown in the screenshot above, this will enable it to search for updates and install them automatically. Now when you restart your Firefox, all add-ons and themes will be up-to-date. If you want the browser to restart automatically after update is complete, you can select that too. Apart from General options, you can also set how you want to be notified and set some toolbar settings.

update addons toolbar

notify when new addons are available


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