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How To Block And Filter Out Annoying Ads in Firefox

Are you annoyed by ridiculous ads that either pops up during browsing session or are displayed in  almost all websites or blogs? Advertisements can be effective when they are relative and informative where users can actually get useful information about certain products but with ridiculous ads running all over in the website to generate profit is unacceptable. You may have received marketing messages  while browsing either by pop ads or banner ads, despite these service details it gets annoying when random ads are bombarded in the middle of the browsing session. If you hate such kinds of ads, Firefox has a built-in pop up blocking feature. And to further block or filter out ads you can use Adblock plus.

Block Pop ups With Firefox Built-In Feature

Pop up windows can be blocked in Firefox that disables automatic image loading. By default it comes with this feature enables but if this setting has been changed, you can go to the menu bar, select Tools > Options > Content tab.

block pop ups firefox

Check Block Pop-up windows and Load images automatically, if you don’t want pop-up ads to load their images automatically. But if you find certain sites that displays ads relevant to your browsing sessions then you can add an exception by clicking on exception tab and add the relative web address in the list.

exception firefox


Filter Ads Through Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is an extensive addon and is one of the sole reasons I use Firefox, it blocks banner ads and replaces them with a blank space so that you may never notice an ad was in that place ever. Once user install this extension, they can hover mouse around a web page and point to the banner or ad , right clicking on it and choose Adblock from the menu.

adblock plus

Users can choose a filter subscription. A filter subscription lets users download filters from certain locations on the internet or on their disk automatically. By doing this users can use the filters created by others which will block most of the advertisements completely.

adblock plus preferences

Enjoy ad-free browsing and don’t  forget to send your comments and suggestions to us. Enjoy !

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