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How To Extract Text From Images And PDF Files

OCR Terminal is a free online ‘Optical Character Recognition’ tool that can convert scanned images and PDF files into searchable text. In other words, it extracts text fro any image or PDF file.

ocr terminal

Just select the PDF file or an image from where you want to extract the text and click Upload. Once you have uploaded the PDF file or an image, it will show you the preview window from where you can verify the uploaded file.

free online pdf and image to text

The number of pages you can convert to text is limited to 30 per day.  If you want more, then you will have to contact them. To begin processing, click Yes.

extract text from image

Processing will take a bit of time depending on the size of the file, the number of pages, and how busy the server is. Once the processing is complete, you can download the text in various formats: txt, doc, rtf, and pdf.

ocr successfully completed

Below is the comparison of text extracted from an image of one of AddictiveTips’s post.

comparision of text extracted from image Click the screenshot above to enlarge.

It is simple-to-use and pretty straightforward. No complex knowledge or software is required. Registration is free but compulsory. Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you! Very useful.
    I combine this tool with GT Text program
    gttext googlecode com
    and I really can copy whatever pdf I receive.
    Thanks a lot!

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