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How To Generate Colors Pallete Of Any Image Online

I covered a post on extracting colors from websites. But what if you want to extract colors from an image? CSS Drive’s Image to Colors Palette Generator is a free online service that lets you generate colors pallete instantly. You can either upload the image from your computer or enter an image link. Only png, .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images are supported and they must not be bigger than 1MB in size.

colors pallete generator upload

I uploaded a very unique multicolored art image, the end results were astonishing.

colors pallete of an imageJust move your mouse over any color and you will see it’s Hex number which you can use in art, web development or simply for inspiration. It’s great tool but unfortunately it only supports 1MB image maximum, perhaps the developer can increase the limit since most images these days are heavier in size. To use this tool you will have to compress the image first and then upload it.

It also generates Photoshop swatches and CSS stylesheet, just navigate all the way to bottom and you will find their links respectively.

generate css and aco

Isn’t it awesome? Enjoy!

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