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How To Hide, Block, Or Remove Ads From Facebook

Do you want to get rid of all the advertisements on Facebook? Although the number of ads shown in Facebook are far less when compared with MySpace, but if you still want to remove them, the process is pretty straightforward.

Facebook Companion is a GreaseMonkey script that removes all ads/flyers from the Facebook page and can be found by going to userscripts.org. If you don’t know what GreaseMonkey is or how to install it, please check out this post.

Facebook companion script

After you click Install, you will see a pop-up window with installation details, click Install again as shown in the screenshot below.

install facebook companion

To check if the script has been installed properly go to Tools > GreaseMonkey > Manage User Scripts, if you find Cipher’s Facebook Companion in the list, it means it has been installed successfully. Now visit Facebook and enjoy ad-free browsing.


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