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How To Insert Inline Images In Email Message When Using Gmail

Google has recently launched a new feature called ‘Inserting Images’ in Gmail labs that lets you add images in message body. To enable this feature go to Settings > Gmail Labs and enable it from there. Once enabled, you will find an Insert Image option while composing a message as shown in the screenshot below.

insert image in gmail

Click Insert Image and it will ask whether to add an image from computer or a web URL.

add an image in gmail

Once an image has been added, you can resize the image and position it by dragging it across your message.

image in gmail message

Please note that this feature is not enabled by default, you have to manually enable it by going to Gmail labs. Also note that the recipient will only be able to view the image if he/she either clicks “Show Images From..” or “Always Display Images” links. Enjoy!

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  • Teresa

    This is really useful rather than going to Picasa3 and back here again. Also, love the way the sender is given the option of inserting image from her computer or the URL.
    I’m using Gmail, and Google site more often now and am thinking of using it as my permanent homepage once I really get the hang of it.
    Thanks a zillion, Gmail/Google Team for keeping consistent improving to all Gmail/Google site/products.
    I’ve download Google reader, lab, etc, etc.
    Keep up the good work. THUMBS UP for Gmail and Google.

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  • waterfall9

    I cannot find ‘settings’ so I cannot then find >gmail labs, I can find ‘options’ under ‘tools’ but it doesn’t lead to ‘settings’ – any help available?